'The Big Year': What the Moviegoers Are Saying

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"The Big Year"

One likened the film, starring Steve Martin, Owen Wilson and Jack Black, as a younger "The Bucket List."

The Big Year, with Steve Martin, Owen Wilson and Jack Black, opened in theaters this weekend and struggled to gain a hold on the box office, earning just $1.2 million on Friday. The film, which received a B- CinemaScore, may not hit $4 million for the weekend.

Fox 2000's bird-watching comedy, directed by David Frankel and co-starring Rashida Jones, Brian Dennehy, Anjelica Huston and Rosamund Pike, is "a genial, amusing and somewhat unfathomable about three guys for whom birdwatching takes precedence over all else in life," writes The Hollywood Reporter's chief film critic Todd McCarthy.

Inspired by the book by Mark Obmascik, moviegoers seemed to have a similar opinion, with several expressing interest in the film because they too were trying their hand at birdwatching. Others mentioned the talent involved as being the deciding factor, while some didn't buy into the concept at all.

Here are what some of the moviegoers had to say about The Big Year:

Peter Zizzo: The only 2 things I loved abt "The Big Year": The astonishing mating ritual of Bald Eagles, & Brad Mehldau's piano rendition of "Blackbird".

Rachel: The new movie The Big Year says that it has the “comic dream team.” In other words, every single comedian-actor I can’t stand.

Brad Aldous: Just saw a preview for "The Big Year" - kind of seems like the Bucket List with younger, worse actors and Steve Martin?

Ryan Kleinert: Seeing the Big Year!!! Super excited! #birding

Liz Dore: Excited to see The Big Year this afternoon. My favorite funny men.

Tropicana Twist: Watched The Big Year last night! good movie!!! Lmbo entire time

Spencer Robinson: 'The Big Year' got killed at the box office on Friday. I can't imagine why a PG comedy about bird-watching would do poorly.

Kerry McCombs: I'm an amateur #birder so I'm quite excited to see The Big Year today. For those that couldn't tell from the trailers, it's about birding!

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