'The Comey Rule' Star Jeff Daniels Debuts Song "Trumpty Dumpty Blues"

Jeff Daniels - Getty - H 2018
Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Montclair Film Festival

The song lampoons President Trump's response to the novel coronavirus with lyrics like, "We'll beat the virus, maybe it's Trump that we can't survive."

The Comey Rule star and musician Jeff Daniels has released a new song criticizing President Donald Trump's response to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The actor-playwright-musician released the tune, called "The Trumpty Dumpty Blues," on his website Thursday and sent it to Trump directly by responding to one of his tweets about James Comey. (Daniels plays former FBI director Comey in the Showtime series The Comey Rule.) On Wednesday, Trump tweeted, "So when will something significant happen to James Comey? Got caught cold. He is either very dumb, or one of the worst liars in political history. TOO LONG. EMBARRASSING!"

Daniels responded, "Something significant did happen to him, Mr. President. He’s in Showtime’s top multi platform debut ever. You can watch it On Demand. In the meantime, feel free to sing along to Trumpty Dumpty Blues." (The Comey Rule pulled in 1 million viewers in initial ratings, a record high for a limited-series premiere for Showtime.)

The song, which Daniels sings between impersonating Trump's comments on the coronavirus, harps on one of Trump's campaign refrains: "What have you got to lose?" Daniels' song counters, well, a lot. "We'll beat the virus. / Maybe it's Trump that we can't survive," he sings.

Daniels' song excerpts audio of such Trump comments as, "Our country is doing so great," and, "This is a flu; this is like a flu." Daniels sings of Trump, "When he peers out from behind those dilated eyes / that's no angel of mercy, that's the devil in disguise." He also jokes, "Just like that apple fell for Isaac Newton / so did Trump for Vladimir Putin."

Daniels has previously been vocal about supporting former Vice President Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election. Watch the full song below.