Sacha Baron Cohen Introduces 'The Dictator' Character General Aladeen in New Clip (Video)

The life story of the fictional North African dictator is revealed in the new clip from Paramount.

Sacha Baron Cohen has spent the last six months making proclamations, splashy appearances and crashing parties (see: The Oscars, CinemaCon) in the white military uniform and long beard of General Aladeen, and now with the release date for The Dictator less than a month away, it's time for him to explain who, exactly, he's been playing.

The film is purported to be based on the self-aggrandizing novel by Saddam Hussein (with a satirical twist) and in the new clip from Paramount, viewers are introduced to the privileged and sociopathic ruler of the North African nation of Wadiya.

From his revision of his native language to tilted Olympics, he's a character that is both farcical and a comment on the grandiose monuments and inane, ego-stroking power trips so often embarked upon by true radical dictators.

The film, which also stars Anna Faris, will hit theaters days before Memorial Day weekend.