The Film Group Becomes Movie Buyer for Muvico, Paragon (Exclusive)

IMAX Logo - H 2012

IMAX Logo - H 2012

The company expects to create the fourth largest movie-buying circuit in the U.S. by market share.

Film buying circuit The Film Group will begin buying for theater chains Muvico Entertainment and Paragon Entertainment Group.

The company believes that the addition of these screens would make The Film Group the fourth largest film-buying circuit in the U.S. by market share, as it would be buying films for nearly 1,500 screens in 95 locations. The Film Group is a partnership between Rave Cinemas and Bow Tie Cinemas, and will continue to be the film buyer for those two circuits.

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Combined, Muvico and Paragon brings an additional 225 screens in 15 locations to The Film Group’s network, including two IMAX theaters, two PepsiMax large-format screens, and four theaters with VIP luxury balconies. In total, The Film Group now buys for 20 IMAX and 13 large-screen theaters.

The addition gives The Film Group a presence in Chicago, Miami, West Palm Beach and Tampa/St. Petersburg, and expands its footprint in Los Angeles and Washington.

“As The Film Group continues to grow, we’re excited that it will represent theaters on the cutting edge in areas like large-screen format, alternative content, and digital and 3-D technologies,” said Hank Lightstone, senior vp and head film buyer at The Film Group.