'Five-Year Engagement's' Jason Segel, Nicholas Stoller Explain Cutting Full-Frontal Nudity, Reveal Other Deleted Scenes (Video)

The co-writers of Universal's romantic comedy, who also star and direct, talk to THR about why the nudity joke may be over, and the expensive scene that didn't make the cut.

Fans of Forgetting Sarah Marshall will most likely enjoy The Five-Year Engagement, which reunites Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller. Segel, who wrote and starred in Sarah Mashall and Stoller, who directed it, return to co-write, star (Segel) and direct (Stoller) The Five-Year Engagement.

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Forgetting Sarah Marshall not only proved Segel’s abilities as a leading man and writer, but also left him fully exposed to the world in one major full-frontal nudity scene.

However, moviegoers won’t get to see a repeat performance from Segel in Five-Year Engagement, despite earlier reports that there’d be a naked encore.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Segel and Stoller say that while they did film a scene with nudity, they ended up cutting it. “It’s on my iPhone if you want to see it,” jokes Stoller, who adds on a serious note that leaving the nudity in “just felt gratuitous.”

Segel adds that a lot has changed in the movie business regarding male nudity since 2007’s Sarah Marshall.

“I don’t want to take credit for it, but I think Sarah Marshall is one of the first times the lead in a comedy has done full-frontal nudity,” he tells THR. “And then I think it just started getting done a lot. And I kinda feel like the joke’s over.”

“Yeah, Fassbender killed the joke,” jokes Stoller, referring to the star of 2011’s sexual thriller Shame.

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The Five-Year Engagement, which opens in theaters on April 27, follows Tom (Segel) and Violet (Emily Blunt), a young couple who get engaged and then have trouble making it down the aisle.

Segel and Stoller, who also co-wrote 2011’s The Muppets, tell THR about a subplot that didn’t make it into the movie. (That is, after they joke about a “post-apocalyptic world” where children compete for survival.)

In reality, they shot a subplot about money that didn’t make it into the film. “I’d been paying for everything because I think that’s the man’s job and slowly you find out that I am broke. And then you find out that she has a whole bunch of money,” reveals Segel. Violet buys Tom a restaurant, and then -- in what Segel calls one of the most expensive scenes they shot -- his restaurant explodes.

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“I think we wanted to be really protective of Violet’s character and not want it to seem like the breakup was caused by anything that had to do with money,” Segel adds.

Segel also tells THR that a “really nice” dance sequence featuring Segel and Blunt’s characters also got cut. It featured a live jazz performance of “Sweet Thing” by Van Morrison.

“That part didn’t work because you saw the dance number and you’re like, ‘Why doesn’t he just get a job as a professional dancer?’” Segel says.

Watch THR’s interview with Segel and Stoller above.

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