'The Great Gatsby' to Open Dec. 25, 2012, Leonardo DiCaprio's Second Christmas Day Film

Leonardo DiCaprio, $77 million
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Between Shutter Island and Inception, DiCaprio had an excellent 2010. Lately he's mostly been in the press for dating Blake Lively. But later this year he'll star in J. Edgar, a film about the famous FBI director. Clint Eastwood directs which means the film is already getting Oscar buzz.

DiCaprio starrer 'Django Unlimited,' from director Quentin Tarantino, also set to open Dec. 25, 2012..

Warner Bros. announced Friday it will release Baz Luhrmann's Leonardo DiCaprio starrer The Great Gatsby on Dec. 25, 2012 -- the same day DiCaprio's Django Unchained is scheduled to hit theaters.

It's unusual to have two films starring the same actor launching on the same date, but since Dec. 25, 2012, is more than a year away, the Christmas Day calendar could change.

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Great Gatsby, based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel, stars DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby, Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan and Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway. Joel Edgerton, Isla Fisher, Jason Clarke, Amitabh Bachchan and Elizabeth Debicki also star.

Luhrmann is currently shooting the film in Australia; Quentin Tarantino's Western Django, from Dimension Pictures, hasn't started production yet.

The 1974 film The Great Gatsby was directed by Jack Clayton and starred Robert Redford, Mia Farrow, Bruce Dern, Karen Black, Scott Wilson and Sam Waterston.