Hot New Restaurant -- The Parish

The Parish Interior - P 2012

The Parish Interior - P 2012

THR's pick of the week for industry dining finds refined considerations of gastropub grub in downtown L.A.'s Fashion District.

The Quick Pitch: Chef Casey Lane of Venice’s tough-to-get-a-reservation Tasting Kitchen has headed to downtown L.A.’s gentrifying Historic Core — specifically, the Fashion District — to open his second concept, a mash-up of French brasserie and British pub influences, as interpreted through a decidedly Californian lens. This translates as fried frog legs with jalapeno slaw, grilled shrimp with Green Goddess dressing and poutine pigs’ feet with arugula.

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The Insider’s Dish: Owners Bruce Horwitz and Mark Meyuhas are also behind post-production sound facility Lime Studios in Santa Monica.

The Must-Order Item: The buttermilk fried chicken with heirloom tomatoes and arugula.

The Industry Neighbor: Jamie Kennedy's eponymous banner.

840 S. Spring St., L.A.,