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2012-21 REV Your Sister's Sister H

Writes THR's John Defore from Toronto: "('Your Sister's Sister') proves Shelton has a range beyond cringe comedy. Her growing reputation should ensure an eager audience."

A quick look at movies opening June 15:

Your Sister's Sister
(IFC Films)
Directed by Lynn Shelton

In between directing episodes of Mad Men and New Girl, indie cinema's new girl Shelton wrote and shot her fourth feature, Your Sister's Sister, her first film with movie stars. Mark Duplass, star of Shelton's 2009 Sundance prize winner Humpday, plays Jack, who's in love with his friend Iris (Emily Blunt) but accidentally gets involved with Iris' gay sister Hannah (Rosemarie DeWitt) at an island cottage. "One bottle of tequila and some very funny banter later, the two have a sexual encounter so one-sided, it might guarantee Hannah sticks with women in the future," wrote THR's John DeFore from Toronto. When Iris shows up unannounced, Shelton sidesteps standard rom-com plotting with a whopper of a betrayal that convincingly shifts the genre to drama. "It proves Shelton has a range beyond cringe comedy," wrote DeFore. "Her growing reputation should ensure an eager audience."

The Woman in the Fifth
(ATO Pictures)
Directed by Pawel Pawlikowski

After a scandalous breakdown that costs him his job, a broke American novelist (Ethan Hawke) flees to Paris to hunt for his lost daughter and takes an existential night-watchman job at a sketchy inn. A widow from the Left Bank's fancy Fifth Arrondissement (Kristin Scott Thomas) offers him instant sex in her red-hued room and her services as a muse, and haunting mystery ensues. Wrote DeFore from Toronto, "Hypnotic enough to succeed in art houses starved for the combination of sensuality and the romanticization of literature."

(Focus World)
Directed by Nacho Vigalondo

Julio and Julia (Julian Villagran and Michelle Jenner) wake from a drunken one-night stand to find Madrid empty except for Julia's suspicious ex (Raul Cimas), a chubby nerd (Carlos Areces) with a creepy crush on Julia and a massive flying saucer hovering over the city. "A little comedy of manners set in an overlooked corner of somebody else's big-budget genre movie," wrote DeFore. "When an alien-invasion yarn has three guys pursuing the same girl, who needs aliens?"


Also Opening 13 & 15

Rock of Ages (Warner Bros., June 15). Directed by Adam Shankman
That's My Boy
(Sony, June 15). Directed by Sean Anders
Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present
(HBO/Music Box, June 13). Directed by Matthew Akers