In Theaters Aug. 29 & 30

THR's film reviewers survey the films opening in theaters through Labor Day weekend.

For A Good Time, Call ... (Focus)
Directed by Jamie Travis

Ari Graynor and Lauren Anne Miller launch a Manhattan phone-sex business, with funny cameos by clients Kevin Smith and Miller's husband, Seth Rogen. "A feel-good raunch-com," wrote THR's John DeFore from Sundance.

Lawless (Weinstein Company)
Directed by John Hillcoat

Bootlegger Shia LaBeouf fights evil lawman Guy Pearce in 1931 Virginia, with Jessica Chastain as a fugitive showgirl. "A muscular slice of grisly Americana," wrote David Rooney from Cannes. "Highly entertaining."

Little Birds (Millennium)
Directed by Elgin James

Juno Temple and Kay Panabaker follow sketchy older boys to L.A. "Just enough danger to sustain dramatic momentum," wrote DeFore.

The Good Doctor (Magnolia)
Directed by Lance Daly

Orlando Bloom's homicidal doctor "doesn't give the audience a satisfying jolt of danger," wrote Sura Wood from Mill Valley Film Festival.

The Tall Man (Millennium)
Directed by Pascal Laugier

A killer claims Jessica Biel's son in a dying mining town. "Arresting images but a leaden touch for narrative," wrote Elizabeth Kerr from Filmart.

The Ambassador (Drafthouse)
Directed by Mads Brugger

Brugger cons corrupt African officials in "a documentary that feels more like Borat," wrote Karsten Kastelan from IDFA Documentary Festival.

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