#TheDress Company Auctioning Off White-and-Gold Version for Charity

Courtesy of Roman Originals

One white-and-gold copy of the viral dress is now available for bidding on eBay.

No, it's not your eyes playing tricks on you — this time, there really is a white-and-gold version of #TheDress.

Roman Originals, the U.K.-based company behind the viral black-and-blue dress that divided the world just last week, has designed one white-and-gold version to be auctioned off on eBay for charity. Ian Johnson, creative manager of Roman Originals, previously told THR that the company would be debuting the design "just to mess with people," but now members of #TeamWhiteAndGold can own the dress while supporting a good cause.

Proceeds will benefit Comic Relief, a nonprofit charity dedicated to anti-poverty efforts in the U.K. and developing countries. The bids currently stand around £540 ($812) and will close on March 15.

“We thought it would be a really good way to raise a lot of money for charity and give something back,” Adrian Addison, Roman's head of e-commerce, told People. “We’re hoping for it to raise as much as possible. It would be great if it goes into the £100,000 mark."

The exclusive white-and-gold dress will be tailored to fit the winning bidder. Roman Originals' online listing states that no other copies will be made available to the public.