Theo James and Stephen Colbert Proclaim Their Love for Each Other

The 'Allegiant' star and 'Late Show' host do an acting exercise called "Circle of Love."

Theo James inspired Stephen Colbert to participate in an acting exercise on Wednesday, after talking about how he still hasn't recovered from some of his training.

"They made us do some horrendous stuff," said the Allegiant actor.

James talked about one specific exercise called the "Circle of Love" in which all the students sat in a big circle and after only two days of knowing each other had to turn to the person next to them and tell them four things about them that they loved. James said most of the actors were really serious about the game, fake crying as they participated. He said that when it got to him, he said, "I really need to vomit."

"Well, we are sitting next to each other right now, Theo," said Colbert, suggesting they try out the exercise themselves. "Your accent feels like a warm blanket," Colbert told the actor.

"Your salt-and-pepper hair feels smooth, like the ocean," responded James.