U.K. Theater Fails to Provide Wheelchair Access for 'The Theory of Everything'

Theory of Everything Still - H 2014
Liam Daniel/Focus Features

Theory of Everything Still - H 2014

The Odeon has since apologized to the mother of a disabled boy who was told there wasn't wheelchair access for the film at one of its branches.

A U.K. theater chain has apologized to a disabled boy who couldn’t get into a screening of The Theory of Everything due to wheelchair access problems.

The mother of 12-year-old Jo Francis phoned the branch of Odeon in Harrogate, a town in the north of England, but was told that all nine weekend screenings of the film, including those on Saturday’s first annual U.K.-wide National Disabled Access Day, couldn’t accommodate wheelchairs.

"He said to me the film was supposed to inspire people, but how can somebody in a ­wheelchair be inspired if they can’t see it? I cried when he said that," his mother told U.K. tabloid The Mirror.

The cinema has since apologized, offering the pair free tickets.

In a statement, Odeon said that over the weekend of Jan. 17-18 new releases, including American Sniper, Into the Woods and Taken 3 were shown in screens with disability access.

"Unfortunately, this wasn’t communicated to the guest clearly, and we apologize for the frustration this caused," the statement added. "We have invited them back to see The Theory of Everything as guests of the cinema, and they have assured us they are satisfied with how the matter was concluded."