Therapy Content Secures Life Rights to Terry Fox Story

The indie producer plans a theatrical feature based on the young Canadian amputee's 1980s cross-country marathon interrupted by a return bout with cancer and eventual death.

TORONTO -- Canadian hero Terry Fox, who made a 1980s run across Canada on one leg before his death due to a return bout with cancer, is getting another biopic made of his historic journey.

Los Angeles-based producer Kelly Slattery of Therapy Content is working with the Fox family and foundation after securing the life rights to develop a feature film based on the young amputee’s story.

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The indie producer, which made the announcement Friday on the 33rd anniversary of Fox starting his cross-Canada marathon, is closing financing for the project and expects to start shooting here in 2014.

Profits from the international release of the film are to go entirely to the Terry Fox Foundation and cancer research.

The Hollywood treatment for Fox follows a host of homegrown biopics.

Canadian NBA star-turned-filmmaker Steve Nash's documentary about Fox, In the Wind, aired on ESPN as part of its "30 for 30" strand.

Fox's story also was captured by the 1983 HBO and CTV TV movie The Terry Fox Story, and the 2005 Canadian TV movie for CTV, Terry, produced by Shaftesbury Films.

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