Theresa May Set to Become British Prime Minister

Theresa May - Getty H 2016
Credit: Getty / Jack Taylor

David Cameron has announced he will step down on Wednesday.

After two weeks of political turmoil following the Brexit vote, the U.K. government looks set for a bit of stability.

Theresa May, the current home secretary who set herself up on a strong anti-immigration platform at last year's Conservative party conference, is to be named prime minister on Wednesday, taking over from David Cameron who resigned after the June 23 EU referendum. Cameron confirmed on Monday that he would step down after Prime Ministers' Questions on July 13, handing the keys to 10 Downing Street to his colleague.

May emerged as a leading candidate for the job after ex-London mayor Boris Johnson pulled out of the leadership race, followed a week later by justice secretary Michael Gove being voted out of the contest.

On Monday, Andrea Leadsom, the only other remaining candidate, announced that she was withdrawing, paving the way for May. Leadsom had come under fire over the weekend for an article in The Times in which is was implied she thought she was a better candidate because she was a mother, unlike May.

UPDATED July 11, 8:45 a.m. to include Cameron's announcement that he would step down on Wednesday.