Things get curious at 'Button' screening

Viewing interrupted because 'channel was out'

One of the first major screenings of David Fincher's highly anticipated "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," held in front of awards voters and media at the DGA in Los Angeles Thursday night, was halted shortly into the film because of technical difficulties.

From practically the start, the print featured colors that appeared to be off, and about a half hour into the screening, the projection was stopped.

D.P. Claudio Miranda stood up to apologize and explained a channel was out, leading to the incorrect colors and the halting of the projection.

He and others then worked for about a half hour to get the color corrected, as images stopped and started on the screen, but they were unable to restore the correct look of the film. Miranda also called Fincher, and the two agreed to halt the screening.

"I talked to David about it tonight and I don't think anyone should see it like that," he said.

The crowd then filed into the lobby for a previously scheduled reception.

While there were several other screenings of the Paramount film throughout the day, the DGA-set screening, which was to feature a talk from Fincher, was the first major unveiling; a number of critics were in the room and expected to review off the screening.

The screening was rescheduled, with a Fincher talk, for noon on Saturday on the Paramount lot. Fincher was not in the theater when the outage happened.

The movie, produced by Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall, is one of the big awards hopefuls and a sizable bet for Paramount.

The studio had tested the system earlier in the day and found no problem.
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