'Things going well' for SAG, AFTRA


After two days of talks, representatives for SAG and AFTRA said Thursday that they are finally on the same level playing field.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, members jointly reviewed and unanimously approved proposals submitted by members nationwide on the wages and working conditions portion of their primetime contracts, which the actors unions negotiate together with the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers.

One well-placed source said that members of the committee, whose names are not public, "were getting along and things appeared to be going well."

The package goes to the board of directors for SAG and AFTRA, who meet together Saturday.

Although details of their proposal demands are being kept under wraps, both actors unions have been vocal on the issues important to this year's contract talks.

More than likely, the proposal includes increasing residuals for DVD, new media and product placement.

In addition to signing off on the list of demands, the board must also address such issues as timing and negotiating strategy. For instance, will the unions follow the DGA and WGA and meet with studio CEOs first? Or, will they meet with the AMPTP from the outset? In either case, it's likely something will ensue by mid-April.