ThinkFilm finds Hunt's 'Found Me'


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TORONTO -- The first big sale of the Toronto fest went to ThinkFilm and Canadian distributor TVA Films Saturday morning. The companies picked up U.S. and Canadian rights, respectively, to Helen Hunt's directorial debut "Then She Found Me" starring Hunt, Colin Firth, Bette Midler, and Matthew Broderick, in a $2.5 to $3 million combo deal.

Meanwhile, several of the bigger specialty divisions were circling Tom McCarthy's drama "The Visitor" since it's screening broke before midnight last night, but both buyers and the filmmakers were waiting for reaction to Saturday morning's screening before closing a deal, given the film's low-key style and lack of marquee names. Michael London's Groundswell Prods. and Participant Prods. produced the film, with attorney Andrew Hurwitz repping sales.

In "Found," Hunt plays a teacher tracked down by her birth mother (Midler) just as her world is erupting in chaos: her adoptive mother passes away, her husband (Broderick) leaves her and she meets a new man (Firth) through one of her students.

The romantic comedy-drama was produced by Killer Films, making it a natural fit with ThinkFilm given its multiyear partnership with the distributor, signed in February, to develop, finance, produce and distribute features together.

This deal falls outside their first-look arrangement, but is ThinkFilm's first-ever Killer Films acquisition

The screenplay was adapted by Hunt, Vic Levin and Alice Arlen from a novel by Elinor Lipman. The film was produced by Pamela Koffler, Katie Roumel, Christine Vachon, Connie Tavel and Helen Hunt. John Wells served as executive producer.

It was expected to be the first big sale of the fest, given it's talent and scheduling.

Weinstein Co. and the newly Lionsgate-backed Roadside Attractions were in the initial race after the film's Friday evening premiere.

ThinkFilm's Mark Urman and Randy Manis and TVA's Yves Dion negotiated the deal with CAA, which repped sales of the film.