Third and Final 'Top Gear' Presenter Reveals He's Not Returning to Show


Richard Hammond follows James May and the fired Jeremy Clarkson from the BBC's hit motoring series.

A month after Jeremy Clarkson was fired from his long-running stint presenting the hit BBC motoring show Top Gear after punching a producer, the future of his fellow hosts seems to have finally been settled.

In a tweet sent Friday, Richard Hammond said that he wasn’t "about to quit his mates," while pointing out that there was "nothing for me to ‘quit’," perhaps as a nod to the fact that his contract, which ended in April, hadn’t been renewed.

The news came in wake of James May, the third member of the Top Gear trio, revealing Friday that he wouldn’t do the show without Clarkson, which was swiftly followed by the series producer Andy Wilman – who help create its current format with the sacked host – announcing that he was also leaving.

When Clarkson was first suspended for the "fracas" involving the producer, many hinted that the BBC would be best placed to refresh Top Gear – it's most successful franchise yet a repeated source of controversy – with a clean slate of presenters.

Much talk in the U.K. press has been centered on the idea of a female presenter, something that BBC2 controller Kim Shillinglaw said wasn't off the cards.

“We will definitely look at women but it is not the driving priority," she said at a BBC2 preview event. "I have never approached an individual show thinking that is the way you cast it."