Third 'Spider-Man' Musical Headed to New York

Jemal Countess/Getty Images

"Spidermann," which takes shots at "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark," is set to open two days before the Broadway musical.

Yet another Spider-Man musical is headed to New York.

With Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark set to open March 15 and comedian Justin Moran's The Spidey Project: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility scheduled to open the day before, now comes word that another production, titled Spidermann, will beat both productions’ opening days.

Spidermann opens March 13 for three performances only at the Tank in Manhattan, the New York Times reports.

Spidermann was presented earlier this year in Seattle. It's from Jose Bold (the stage name of artist John Osebold) and is reportedly described as "a hastily constructed abstract musical" that "threads together elements of the original comic book story, references to the buzz-heavy Broadway debacle, songs stripped down to their essential core, and dreamlike video sequences to create a new mythology in an art-house style."

In its Seattle run, the production took jabs at the troubles of the Julie Taymor-directed Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

In his review, Seattle's The Stranger critic Paul Constant wrote: "Running jokes about Spider-Man's misfortunes ran hot and heavy (repeated cymbal-crashing suggested pieces of the set falling onto characters, ostentatious musical flourishes collapsed into meager farts). The rat-a-tat delivery of multitiered jokes was overwhelmingly successful; only one sequence of snarks about desperate grabs for armloads of Tony Awards came across as slightly bratty."

Constant added: "The most charming aspect of Osebold's Spidermann is its embrace of spectacle, its Taymorian appreciation of the popular. ...  As much as Spidermannpierced the heart of Spider-Man's self-importance, it relished the dumb bombast in its own way, too."

The cast of characters includes the title character (Osebold); his alter ego, Peter Parkre (Kirk Anderson); Mary Jane Taymor (Erin Jorgenson and Sara Edwards); Radioactive Steve Winwood (Mark Siano); and Everyone Else (Evan Mosher).