Third 'Twilight' film gets release date

Summit schedules 'Eclipse' for June 30, 2010

Summit has moved to slot its third film in the "Twilight" series for June 30, 2010.

Like other released and planned installments, "Eclipse" is based on a vampire-romance book popular with teens. Summit has scheduled a second "Twilight" pic, "New Moon," for release Nov. 20.

Franchise originator "Twilight" unspooled last Nov. 21 to ring up a much-better-than-expected $69.6 million over its first weekend, grossing a total $189 million domestically and $363 million worldwide.

"Eclipse" has been planned as a second sequel for some time. So Summit is following recent industry practice in jumping on an attractive date early for an important release. But the move is particularly notable as the still-fledgling mini-major is taking its franchise into the lucrative summer season for the first time.