Thomas Vinterberg, Tobias Lindholm Re-Teaming for Film in "Celebration of Alcohol"

Thomas Vinterberg - H 2012
Karina Tengberg

Vinterberg, who is attached to direct EuropaCorp's upcoming submarine drama 'Kursk,' said the new Danish film will be “a celebration of alcohol.”

Danish director Thomas Vinterberg is re-teaming with his frequent screenwriting collaborator Tobias Lindholm for a new film Vinterberg says will be "a celebration of alcohol."

Vinterberg and Lindholm co-wrote Vinterberg's Oscar-nominated The Hunt, as well as The Commune, which just opened at number one at the Danish box office and will screen in competition at the Berlin Film Festival next month. Lindholm's latest film as a director, A War, has been nominated for an Oscar in the best foreign-language category.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Vinterberg said he wasn't certain if he would direct the new Danish film before or after tackling the English-language submarine disaster movie Kursk. Vinterberg confirmed that he is attached to helm the EuropaCorp project based on the Kursk submarine disaster of 2000, in which 118 Russians died. Saving Private Ryan screenwriter Robert Rodat has adapted Robert Moore's book on the subject, "A Time To Die." EuropaCorp had originally hired another Danish director, Martin Zandvliet (Land of Mine), for the project.

“I have a lot on my plate at the moment,” Vinterberg said.

Talking about the alcohol movie, which doesn't yet have an English title (“there's a Danish one but it's untranslatable,” he said), Vinterberg explained the film was a response to "the very medical and chaste way of living that is spreading like a disease ... It's an acknowledgement that when you start drinking, the conversation expands. World War II was won by a huge boozer, some of the best literature on the planet was written by drunk people. Drinking, on the one hand makes life grow. On the other hand, you die from it. But the story of how you die from it has been told many times."

Vinterberg's The Commune, a period drama about a group of Copenhagen professionals who set up a commune in the city in the 1970s, opened to $533,000 on its first weekend in Denmark. The drama stars Ulrich Thomsen and Trine Dyrholm.