Thompson ready for a 'Change'


PARIS -- French director Daniele Thompson will follow up her 2006 hit "Avenue Montaigne" with "Le Code a Change," set to star a flock of famous French faces, producer Thelma Films said Monday.

Despite its title, which in English means, "The Code Has Changed," Thompson will stick to her winning formula of a Paris-based ensemble dramedy featuring the creme de la creme of Gallic talent and focusing on the lives of wealthy Parisians.

Co-produced by Alain Terzian's Alter Films, "Code" stars Karin Viard, Danny Boon, Marina Fois, Marina Hands, Emmanuelle Seigner, Patrick Bruel, Patrick Chesnais, Pierre Arditi and Laurent Stocker.

Keeping with family tradition, Thompson's son Christopher, co-writer of "Montaigne," will co-star in the pic.

The story brings together a potpourri of personalities from the Parisian upper class for a humorous, emotionally charged dinner that unveils deceiving appearances and uncovered truths.

After penning the scripts for French films "La Grande Vadrouille" (1966) and "The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob" (1973) alongside her father Gerard Oury, "Montaigne" will be Thompson's fourth turn in the director's chair. Previous efforts include 1999 family holiday drama "La Buche," 2002 Juliette Binoche-Jean Reno romantic comedy "Jet Lag" and last year's Cesar-nominated "Avenue Montaigne."

The film is set to start shooting in Paris on March 25 and will be released in Gaul by Studiocanal.