'Thor' Star Rene Russo: Why I Chose This Movie as My First in Six Years (Video)

The actress explains why she came aboard Kenneth Branagh's movie, which also stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins.

Rene Russo hasn't been on the big screen in six years.

Now the veteran actress is returning to theaters in Kenneth Branagh's Thor, which opens wide Friday. In the movie, she plays Frigga, the mother of Thor (Chris Hemsworth). (Read The Hollywood Reporter's review here.)

She said there were a few reasons she chose this movie to make first big-screen appearance since 2005's Yours, Mine and Ours -- starting with her co-stars Hemsworth and Anthony Hopkins, who plays Thor's father.

"Chris is awesome," the actress told Access Hollywood at the movie's premiere Monday night in Hollywood. "I could have grabbed him a couple of times.  Anthony was hot. They were all hot! They were all good. I've got to tell you, we had a room full of cute boys."

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Russo also was drawn to the role because it was unlike any that she's ever played.

"It was different too -- English accent, playing a queen," she said. "That was something I'd never done. So, that was kind of fun," she added.

Natalie Portman also stars in the movie, which is from Marvel Studios.