THQ Hires Canadian Video Gaming Vet to Oversee Production

Ron Moravek co-founded and helped run Relic Entertainment as COO before the company was sold to the U.S. gaming studio in 2004.

TORONTO – A retooling THQ has named veteran Canadian videogame exec Ron Moravek as executive vp of production.

Moravek co-founded and served as COO of Relic Entertainment before the gaming studio was sold to THQ in 2004.

He then served as the studio’s general manager until 2006, before moving over to Electronics Arts, Canada, where Moravek served as vp and COO.

More recently, Moravek ran NuCaptcha, a cloud-based Internet security firm.

“Ron is an exceptional development executive with unique perspective on the industry from both a creative and business point of view,” THQ president Jason Rubin said Monday in a statement.