THR 100: Hollywood's Most Powerful People Reveal Least Powerful Thing They Do (Hint: Oprah Picks Up Dog Poop)

Oprah Winfrey-Tribeca -Getty-H 2016
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Those who made the list revealed the less-than-glamorous aspects of their lives.

Even Hollywood's most dominant are prone to their weak moments. Industry executives and stars who made the THR 100The Hollywood Reporter's inaugural ranking of the entertainment industry's most powerful people — opened up about the least powerful things in their lives, ranging from their golf game to a lack of control when it comes to their kids.

In Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry's cases, it's picking up dog poop. Said Winfrey: "The least powerful thing about my life is pickin’ up poop (I have five dogs). Gotta do it." Perry echoed that sentiment.

Meanwhile, CW president Mark Pedowitz, Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins and Legendary's Thomas Tull and Mary Parent also described the task as one of their not-so-glamorous parts of the day.

Many seem to be at the whim of their dogs in general, similarly to those who fall victim to their children's charm. Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, for example, told THR, "I have no control over where on the bed my dog sleeps."

For Viacom Music & Entertainment Group president Doug Herzog, he struggles to control the remote in his bedroom.

Founding partner at ICM, Chris Silbermann, feels powerless when it comes to his kids for a different reason -- being the coach of their football team. "They kick my ass on a weekly basis," he told THR.

If those aren't relatable enough for nearly everyone, perhaps NBC Universal chairman Donna Langley's is: a lack of Wi-Fi availability. 

"" image="2707510" excerpt="In an exclusive sit-down, the exec who tops the THR 100 also talks 'Indiana Jones,' ESPN and cable's future, what happened with heir apparent Tom Staggs and who will succeed him after he leaves in 2018."]

However, not all of Hollywood's most powerful people have lighthearted aspects in their lives they find to be weak. 

Brian Grazer, partner at Imagine Entertainment, described the least powerful thing about his life to be traveling to a third-world country like Burma and having humility. He described this as "going to an AIDS orphanage in Kenya and realizing how powerful or how powerless we all are on the planet." 

Nancy Dubuc, pesident and CEO of A+E Networks, highlighted an insecurity shared among many in the entertainment industry, "Every time I'm the only woman in the room. It happens too frequently," she told THR

In Kevin Hart's case, though, he can't relate to a lack of power. "There is no such thing as 'a least powerful thing' about my life because I consider my life pretty powerful," he told THR