THR 100: Hollywood's Most Powerful People Reveal Their Dream Lunch Date (Clear Your Calendar, Lin-Manuel)

Lin-Manuel Miranda - Getty - H 2016
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Lin-Manuel Miranda - Getty - H 2016

A good portion of Hollywood's most powerful answered with their own family members, but for those who didn't, the responses range from Joan Rivers to Jesus.

Even the big names everyone dreams of having lunch with want to do the same with. .. other big names (or, in a lot of cases, their kids, parents or grandparents). 

For a lot of those who ranked on this year's THR 100The Hollywood Reporter's inaugural list of the most powerful people in entertainment — many answered with historical figures.

ICM founding partner Chris Silbermann and Sony Pictures TV president of programming and production Zack Van Amburg (he shares the title with Jamie Erlicht) both want to meet with George Washington, but for slightly different reasons. 

Silbermann admires the work he did on behalf of America. "He had an opportunity to be president for life (king), but because he had the vision to do what was right for the country, we have a system that still works more than 200 years later," he told THR.

While Van Amburg also wants to show his thanks, he also wants to "break the news that Hamilton is momentarily more famous."  

A+E president and CEO Nancy Dubuc wants to have lunch with Hamilton himself. "He's everywhere today and ignited a conversation about our country and our history," she told THR. "We've always known he was cool. I'm curious about his thoughts on the impact of the constitution in today's political climate." 

The man behind the reason for Hamilton's current popularity, Hamilton creator and Tony winner Lin-Manuel Miranda (who's on the list himself), was another choice for many of Hollywood's powerful people, including 20th Century Fox president of production Emma Watts, Genre Films writer-producer Simon Kinberg,

Other common responses included Jesus, Walt Disney, the People's Republic of China president Xi Jinping and Shakespeare. 

Kevin Reilly, TNT/TBS president and CCO of Turner Entertainment, told THR his lunch with Shakespeare would be "a legit business expense because we're doing a show on his young life." 

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Participant Media founder and chairman Jeff Skoll was prepared with his answer (Moses, Jesus and Mohammed "to try to sort it all out") because it was actually the subject of his MBA entrance essay at Stanford.

Bonnie Hammer, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment and Cable Studios chairman, also seemed to have a no-brainer answer. "Joan Rivers," she told THR. "Not only do I miss her humor, warmth and kindness, nobody had more fun zinging the powers that be than she did. She'd be in her glory with the insanity of the current election cycle!" 

Additional answers include a variety of people, both dead and alive: 

Robert Downey Jr.: "I played him 25 years ago and have studied him continually since, so I suppose a two-top with Chaplin ... so masterful!" 

Ryan Murphy: "Tennessee Williams. I'd want to talk about his writing process and how he cast all of his stage productions." 

Rob Moore, vice chairman at Paramount Pictures: "Vin Scully, who never helped fulfill my dream of being a Dodgers announcer." 

Mike Hopkins, Hulu CEO: "Winston Churchill. Think of all the things he was a part of or moments he witnessed. Lunch wouldn't be long enough. He's fascinating to me. I use his quotes once in a while when I'm doing presentations."

Brian Grazer, partner at Imagine Entertainment: "The pope. He's a very modern, liberal, brilliant pope."

Gary Newman, co-CEO and chairman of Fox TV Group: "A sandwich at the turn at Pinehurst with Ben Hogan." 

Jim Gianopulos, CEO of 20th Century Fox: "Ernest Hemingway, and he could pick the place."