Kirsten Dunst and Hairstylist Cervando Maldonado on Their Super "Chill" Relationship

THR_Kirsten_Dunst_151029_BS_HR_KDunst_Shot_02_149 Video Breakout - H 2015
Brigitte Sire

THR_Kirsten_Dunst_151029_BS_HR_KDunst_Shot_02_149 Video Breakout - H 2015

Says the actress, "We always mesh well."

To say that Kirsten Dunst and her longtime hairstylist, Cervando Maldonado, have a close relationship would be an understatement. The pair, who are featured in THR's 2015 Beauty Issue, behave more like BFFs than a client/professional duo.

Cervando has such good energy — it's chill with us," says Dunst behind the scenes at their photo shoot, where they posed arm-in-arm and with a cuddly cat.

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"This industry can create a lot of unneeded chaos, so it's nice when you know somebody and they get you," she added.

The stylist, who works in the Goddard-Bragg salon and also counts Naomi Watts and Rachel McAdams among his clients, mused, "We collaborate and work together — it's about both of us coming together and creating something."

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Watch the video in full below.