THR First Look Exclusive: Costumes of 'Tron'

Tron Legacy Costumes
© Walt Disney Pictures

Designers Michael Wilkinson and Christine Bieselin Clark are bringing style to Disney’s new sci-fi extravaganza.

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In 1982, Tron not only became one of the first movies to make extensive use of computer graphics, but the high-concept film also put those special effects front and center on the film’s costumes. The Dec. 17 release of Tron: Legacy — starring Olivia Wilde, Garrett Hedlund and the return on Jeff Bridges as computer genius Kevin Flynn, who has mysteriously disappeared through a portal into another world — is hoping to accomplish the same thing.

PHOTO GALLERY: Costumes of 'Tron'

But being slavish to the original wasn’t something costume designer Michael Wilkinson and co-costume designer Christine Bieselin Clark (who also worked together on 300 and Watchmen) thought made sense when starting this project more than two years ago.

“Tron was this cutting-edge film, and we wanted to be reverent to what the fans loved about it, but the spirit is what we wanted to capture,” Clark says. “Many fans thought the suits for this film should have been white, but the world’s darkness is the basis of the suit color, and the exuding white light is the goodness inside.”