THR Cover: The Idea Behind Julianne Moore's Outfits

Working With Richard Glatzer

"When I first spoke to him, he had difficulty speaking, but he still had his voice," says Moore about the Still Alice writer-director, who battles ALS. "But by the time we shot, his symptoms were pretty advanced. Initially I thought it would be daunting, but the force of his intellect and personality is so strong, it's easy."

As the cover star for this week's The Hollywood Reporter, the actress glams it up in Givenchy and Louis Vuitton. Her stylist tells us the inspiration behind these looks.

Julianne Moore stars on this week's cover for The Hollywood Reporter, discussing her thoughts on therapy, family and Jennifer Lawrence.

Not only is the actress known for her award-winning film roles, she's also proven to be a style icon, especially with her recent red-carpet appearances. Her wardrobe for THR's cover story didn't disappoint, either. 

Styled by Penny Lovell, Moore dressed up in a Louis Vuitton dress, bikini top and boots plus a Repossi ring in one of her portraits. In her cover shot, she's wearing a shiny and shaggy coat by Givenchy. So, what led Lovell to choose those particular pieces?

"Julianne is so beautiful and wears clothes so well that the inspiration really started and stopped with her," Lovell told Pret-a-Reporter. "The colors and textures were key — the beautiful bronze of the Givenchy jacket and the greens in the Louis Vuitton dress."

Clearly, green is a winning hue for the redheaded actress — did you see that Givenchy Haute Couture dress on her? Stunning.

Check out Julianne Moore's cover story here.