THR: Direct to a desktop near you


The Hollywood Reporter has announced the launch of Hollywood Reporter Direct, a digital application that will provide subscribers with up-to-the-minute customized news and alerts delivered to their desktop.

Hollywood Reporter Direct will feature a Reader's Choice delivery system that will provide news alerts — including award season news and boxoffice charts — top stories and video.

"Hollywood Reporter Direct now provides an easy way for industry executives to establish a direct pipeline from their office to The Hollywood Reporter newsroom, giving them immediate access to the information and insight they need to run their businesses successfully," said Michael Laur, vp, Digital Publishing Director for Nielsen Business Media, publisher of The Reporter

The launch of this application, which is part of a series of initiatives to enhance the paper's digital services and Web prescience, makes The Reporter one of the first news outlets to provide their global audience with this kind of desktop news delivery system.

Those interested in the service should turn to hollywood and download the requisite software.