THR Emmy Roundtable: Monica Potter on Being 'Too Fat' for an Audition (Video)

The "Parenthood" actress tells THR that shortly after her daughter's birth she had what she thought was a great audition, only to learn that her lingering baby weight held her back.

Even the most seasoned actress doesn't always hit an audition out of the park.

In a roundtable discussion with The Hollywood Reporter, TV's top drama actresses were asked about their worst auditions. Monica Potter (NBC's Parenthood) shared a memory from shortly after giving birth to her daughter Molly, who is now seven.

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"My agents were like, 'OK, let's get out there again!' And it takes me a couple years to lose the baby chub," Potter said. "I gain about 60 or 70 pounds while pregnant. I'm not one of these girls hitting the yoga mat. I like to eat Cheetos, I'm not going to lie. And after I have the kid, I like to have some drinks."

But a determined Potter put on her Spanx (looking "like a damn sausage") and went to an audition. Despite not being as fit as she was before the baby, Potter felt like she'd done quite well. Then she got a call from her agents, who balked when she asked how she did, until Potter answered for them, "I'm too fat." Her agents told her this was so.

"The weight thing is a crappy thing in this town," Potter told the roundtable. "So I just ate some Cheez Whiz."

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THR's Emmys roundtable also features Connie Britton (ABC's Nashville), Anna Gunn (AMC's Breaking Bad), Kate Mara (Netflix's House of Cards), Elisabeth Moss (AMC's Mad Men, Sundance's Top of the Lake) and Kerry Washington (ABC's Scandal). It is moderated by THR executive editor Matthew Belloni and senior editor Stacey Wilson.

See the full, uncensored interview here.