Jesse Tyler Ferguson Talks Marriage Equality and 'Modern Family' at THR-Google DC Party (Video)

The "Modern Family" star spoke to THR about his newfound ability to advocate for issues that he cares about thanks to his show's spotlight.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson spends each week making people laugh on TV, but there's a message to his comedy, as well. As one half of the lovable gay couple on Modern Family, the star says that the Emmy-winning ABC show has the power to push social progress -- or at least get people talking.

"I think it's informing people in a different way. I think they're seeing Cameron and Mitchell in a light and thinking okay, 'I'm not feeling quite so strange about them being together, why is it so different for Bob and Joe down the street?'" the actor told The Hollywood Reporter at THR and Google's White House Correspondent's Dinner Pre-Party. "It's definitely a pop culture touchstone for that issue, I do know people's minds are being changed, I dont know how much we're doing for marriage equality in the long haul, but I do know people are discussing it and using it as a reference point."

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Quite instantly, the actor responded that if he could be president for ten minutes, and could pass one law, he'd enact marriage equality. But he isn't just a one-issue man; Ferguson is in Washington DC this weekend to advocate for the Creative Coalition, hoping to save funding for arts funding.

"I'm not a politician in any way, shape or form, but it's very inspiring to meet people who are running our nation, and it's different than Hollywood, that's for sure," he said.