THR Heat Index

Charting the week's ups and downs in the buisiness of entertainment.

UP: Raja Gosnell
The Smurfs director, who hadn't made a film since 2008's Beverly Hills Chihuahua, has himself a genuine hit -- and a possible franchise.

DOWN: Vince Gilligan
The Breaking Bad creator is forced to consider taking the acclaimed drama to another network as AMC plays hardball in negotiations for a fifth season. Or will he pull a Frank Darabont and quit?

DOWN: Mo'Nique
The Oscar winner's BET talk show is put on "indefinite hiatus," according to the network, amid sagging ratings. 

UP: Jon Feltheimer
The Lionsgate CEO's compensation grows to $7.9 million this fiscal year, up from $3.6 million the year before, thanks to a stock grant due to Carl Icahn's failed takeover. Perhaps he should send Icahn a fruit basket.


$12.80 (+8.2%)
Movie exhibitor makes use of tax advantages and cost controls to post a quarterly profit of $35 million, up 650 percent from last year.

$14.40 (-17%)
The 3D tech company's stock has plunged 60 percent since reaching a 52 week high in June as U.S. audiences seem to tire of the format.