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27 BIZ Jimmy Kimmel Live
Harper Smith/ABC

Writes THR's Tim Goodman: "He's changed the late-night game by stressing videotaped bits, and in almost the same way musical acts want to be on with Fallon, "Jimmy Kimmel Live!'s" skits draw A-list actors who know their hip factor goes up when they get in on the joke.

Tracking the week's ups and downs in the business of entertainment.

Tracking the week's ups and downs in the business of entertainment.

DOWN: Jason Weinberg

The A-list manager is fired and publicly shamed by Hilary Swank after he and CAA facilitate her appearance at controversial Chechnya President Ramzan Kadyrov's birthday party.

UP: Mark Pedowitz

With big Netflix and Hulu streaming deals, the new CW chief is monetizing the network's shows even as ratings decline.

UP: James Cameron

Footage of Titanic in 3D wows media during an 18-minute preview, suggesting the April rerelease could sink The Lion King 3D's recent box-office record.

UP: Jimmy Kimmel

The former late-night afterthought scores the hosting gig for the White House Correspondents' Dinner. But can he top Seth Meyers' hilarious skewering of Donald Trump last year?


UP: Regal Entertainment Group (RGC)
$14.65 (+13%)

Third-quarter revenue for the chain rose 7 percent to $743 million, besting estimates.

DOWN: Sirius XM Radio (SIRI)
$1.73 (-4%)

The company added 334,000 subscribers in the third quarter, but some analysts were expecting 400,000.