THR Intelligence


THR Intelligence gives you the power to better understand the global entertainment industry and to compete in it. It is the great leveler, the leverage for companies and organizations to gain a sharper competitive advantage through the resources customized to your needs. And it's all available now, within reach.


The top grossing films in Korea? Streaming trends in movie content? The psychographic profile of a horror fan?

It's all here. With THR Intelligence, you've got the world's largest source of entertainment intelligence at your fingertips. You'll find all the right answers, all tailored to your needs and your budget.

DATA from the combined resources of Nielsen and The Hollywood Reporter, drawn from the world's largest data sources and leading experts.

ANALYSIS of market trends, consumer behavior, market feasibility--the kind of insights and recommendations you can use today, on the ground.

TAILORED to your precise needs and budget, with a variety of products and pricing levels.
With THR Intelligence, any company can now compete more effectively. For in-depth, actionable intelligence on the entertainment world, the answer is THR Intelligence.


THR Intelligence offers different formats for a diverse range of information and applications.

White Papers -- Ready reports on topics and regions around the globe, with the latest information on box office ticket sales, production status, distribution and exhibition, growth trends, domestic market share and more.

Data-On-Demand -- Custom, "pocket-sized" reports drawn from exclusive Nielsen and THR data, with interpretation from the industry's leading analysts. Everything from marketing reviews to product marketability studies, all tailored to your specific inquiries.

Sponsored Editorial/Advertorial -- Combine Nielsen's resources with THR's editorial strength to create THR content based on the latest information. For daily print and online editions in markets worldwide.

Behind-Firewall Content -- A one-stop destination for global media and entertainment data that might otherwise be inaccessible. Drawn from Nielsen and non-Nielsen sources, access areas include global broadband penetration, mobile penetration, global digital cinema rollout, 3-D adaptation and much more.


A government-sponsored international film festival needs to understand the market conditions in the Arabic film world for future festival publications.

Solution: A THR white paper report with regional information about box office ticket sales, status of production, distribution and exhibition, growth trends over time, and market share of domestic vs. imported movies.

Advantage: Exclusive data sources deliver information that's not available anywhere else. THR Intelligence makes pioneer moves, partnering with its sister companies to ensure data quality.

Among the many white paper topics:

-- Boxoffice data
-- TV ratings
-- Ad sales
-- Book sales
-- Musical attendance
-- Video game consumption
-- Mobile consumption
-- Online "buzz"


A small, LA-based media production company needs information viewers across major U.S. broadcast and cable networks to determine sales strategy.

Solution: A report of Nielsen prime-time broadcast and cable TV ratings (averages) by month and by season.

Advantage: Such "pocket-sized" data usually comes from large and costly databases. Now it's easily obtainable for all.

Other Data-on-Demand possibilities:

-- Analysis of product marketability through box office and video data sales
-- Market analysis on individual movies and/or their advertising program


Several German media companies are looking to market their products at a regional film/TV conference.

Solution: Collect data on media consumption habits in Germany. Review data regarding broadband penetration, mobile usage, etc., and create sponsored columns, features and editorials for placement in The Hollywood Reporter regional edition.

Advantage: A perfect example of how THR Intelligence can leverage both its editorial strength and Nielsen's research resources.


A government organization in China needs research on international film markets for opportunities to promote their movies overseas.

Solution: THR Intelligence's upcoming behind-firewall database with media and entertainment-related information worldwide, including guidance and recommendations on customized research possibilities.

Advantage: The database is a one-stop destination for information about entertainment markets around the globe, containing both Nielsen and non-Nielsen sources.

Examples of what can be found include, but are not limited to:

-- Top grossing national films in Korea
-- Streaming trends of movie content in the U.S.
-- Mobile penetration worldwide
-- Broadband penetration worldwide
-- Global digital cinema rollout
-- Adaptation to 3-D technology worldwide