THR Interview: Fox's Tony Vinciquerra Denies Friction With Chase Carey

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The departing Fox Networks Group chairman and CEO tells THR why he stepped down after 10 years – and what his next move may be.

Tony Vinciquerra denies that friction with News Corp. president Chase Carey led to his resignation Thursday.

But Vinciquerra does allude to redundancy, telling The Hollywood Reporter that Carey, who was brought in as Rupert Murdoch’s No. 2 more than a year ago, has “similar experiences and expertise as I have.”

He says he had been mulling an exit for some time and is leaving for his own personal reasons -- he has three children under the age of six and a wife who runs her own business -- but he also stressed "there are no obvious corporate crises on the horizon" now that Fox's carriage deal with Cablevision is completed and the replacement for Fox Broadcasting's ad sales topper Jon Nesvig, Toby Byrne, has been locked down.

"I'm convinced and really happy that a group of people who can run the businesses -- Chase Carey of course and others like David Haslington and Peter Rice -- is in place so this seemed like the opportune time after 10 years here," Vinciquerra said.  

The chairman of the Fox Networks Group said his departure date is Feb. 11, right after the Super Bowl. (Vinciquerra had been one of the chief architects of News Corp's lucrative sports rights deals.)

So what’s next? Vinciquerra said he is keenly interested in "the evolution and roll-out of broadband and its business applications," something that News Corp's ownership of MySpace and his position on the board of Motorola have made him acutely aware of.