THR Launches Entertainment-Tech Blog 'Behind the Screen'

Carolyn Giardina Headshot - P 2013
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Carolyn Giardina Headshot - P 2013

Contributing editor Carolyn Giardina will edit the blog, which covers everything from the key players to the disruptive technologies behind films, TV and mobile content.

The Hollywood Reporter has launched Behind the Screen, the industry's first entertainment-tech blog, which will be edited by THR contributing tech editor and author Carolyn Giardina.

Behind the Screen is dedicated to covering the talent and technology behind the magic of Hollywood -- from key players to the disruptive technologies behind films, TV and mobile content. The blog, which can be found here, will hone in on how changing technology impacts the way movies and TV shows are produced and edited by covering advances in visual effects, sound, editing and cinematography, digital cinema and animation technologies, including new product development from leading entertainment tech developers from Avid to Canon to Dolby.

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"Behind the Screen is about how Hollywood happens," THR editorial director Janice Min says. "With non-stop coverage, the blog will follow an incredibly sophisticated and constantly advancing field, one that is behind the wow factor that keeps audiences coming to theaters."

Behind the Screen also will focus on the talent with interviews with leading artists and technical innovators. The blog will track the moves of key industry content producers, cinematographers, editors, VFX and animation shops, sound mixers and sound editors and R&D departments.

Additionally, it will go in depth with the latest news and analysis on topics like the future of film, second screen, virtual production, the impact of the cloud, 3D, digital cinema, animation and the plight of the VFX business in the U.S. to give a full picture of the effect technology is having on entertainment today.

Giardina has covered the way technology has impacted Hollywood for leading industry outlets including THR, Shoot and Film and Video for more than 15 years.

"THR has demonstrated its dedication to covering all of entertainment with the best possible reporting," Giardina says. "Behind the Screen brings more extensive coverage to a crucially important part of the industry." recently recorded the highest traffic in the site's history, notching more than 2 million visits and more than 1.8 million unique visitors In a single day. Both of those numbers broke's previous single-day record for visits and uniques by 15 percent.