THR EXCLUSIVE POLL: 67% Say American Idol’s Best Days Are Behind It

Tony Duran/FOX

Still, the new Hollywood Reporter reveals that 47 percent say they’ll tune in to Season 10 when it begins -- and that many have surprising opinions about Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.

An exclusive THR/Penn Schoen Berland poll in the new Hollywood Reporter magazine (now on stands in

LA/NYC) surveyed 750 current and lapsed Idol viewers nationwide from Dec. 21-23.
Among the surprising findings...
*67 percent say the show's best days are behind it, despite the addition of new judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler
•48 percent say Lopez makes them more interested in watching; 43 percent say Tyler does. Also, “the new Idol is cooler and less predictable,” according to those surveyed, says pollster Jon Penn. 
*47 percent say they "definitely or probably will watch" the upcoming season, knowing that the new judges will be Lopez and Tyler; 26 percent say they "definitely or probably will not watch"
*6 in 10 Idol viewers say the shake-up is a positive change that takes the show in a new direction
*4 in 10 "hardcore fans" say Ellen DeGeneres leaving makes them “more likely to watch"; hardcore fans will miss Kara DioGuardi, but they are the only ones
*Only 21 percent of Idol viewers could recall the name of last season’s winner (Lee DeWyze). 
*28 percent of all Idol viewers watch Idol for the embarrassing “trainwreck” performances; 52 percent watch it for the “awesome musical talent”
*45 percent feel former judge Simon Cowell influenced their voting the most
*1/3 of all Idol voters hail from the South; 61 percent are female 
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