Three Must-See Charlie Sheen Video Parodies

THR's picks for the most entertaining takes on the actor's antics.

With all of Charlie Sheen's rants and video appearances people have taken to the Internet to create parody videos and songs. Even Jimmy Fallon got into the act by presenting a new fragrance called "Winning."

Here are the top 3 Charlie Sheen video parodies. 

1) Freeman Claridge performs Charlie Sheen / Kenny Powers. The singer/actor compares Sheen to HBO's fictional character Kenny Powers.

The chorus pretty much sums it up; "I think I'm Charlie Sheen.... Kenny Powers....Drinkin Heavy.....SniffinPowder........That Caucasion ....Goin Hard....I aint quittin til I kill Myself or go retarded....

I think I'm Charlie Sheen....Kenny Powers.....Drinkin Heavy.....Sniffin Powder.....They Say that Caucasion....Goin Hard.....I aint quittin til I kill Myself or go retarded....."


2) With over 15,278,193 views the Gregory Brothers auto-tune Sheen and put out Winning - A Song by Charlie Sheen.


3) The Parody Factory pulled the best parts of Sheen's March 1st 20/20 interview and put together this song and video.


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