Three Spike TV Shows to Be Sold By Ben Silverman's Electus

Flip Men Spike TV - P 2012
Spike TV

Flip Men Spike TV - P 2012

"Flip Men," "American Digger" and "Car Lot Cowboys" will be showcased at NATPE for international sale.

The Spike TV shows Flip Men, American Digger and Car Lot Cowboy will be sold outside the U.S. at NATPE by Electus International, the global distribution arm of Ben Silverman’s Electus multimedia entertainment studio.

In an announcement Friday, Electus said it will also be the producer of Car Lot Cowboy, along with 5x5 Media in association with Vem’s Sweatshop Media, which created the series.

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“The Spike TV brand has always been synonymous with smart, inventive content which has quickly become a sought-after commodity in the international marketplace,” said John Pollak President of Electus International.

Flip Men, about two young entrepreneurs from Utah,  is a half hour unscripted series created and exec produced by Dave Broome (The Biggest Loser). It premiered on Spike in Oct. 2011.

American Digger, which starts airing on Spike in March, follows a former professional wrestler, Rick Savage, who is a modern day relic hunter. He goes to historic sites and battlefields hoping to unearth a bit of American history which will make him rich. It is created and exec produced by Gurney Productions (Auction Hunters).

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Car Lot Cowboy, which starts to air on Spike in April, is about an auto dealership “doctor” whose methods have made him famous in the auto industry. In each episode he will help a different car dealership that is in trouble. It s crated and developed by Vern Miller in association with Vem’s Sweatshop Media and 5x5, which produced Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

Other shows Electus International will be selling at NATPE in Miami Beach next week include Fashion Star, Mob Wives and Chopped.