Throwback catches pair


SAN DIEGO -- Toronto-based game/animation company Throwback Entertainment has turned to Hollywood for two key hires.

Three-time Emmy winner Eric Radomski has joined as chief creative officer, while former Warner Bros. Animation worldwide productions vp Ken Duer will become president, media.

Radomski recently completed his second season as supervising producer of the hit Warner Bros. Animation series "Shaggy and Scooby-Doo: Get a Clue!" and previously worked on the Emmy-winning animated series "Xiaolin Showdown."

Duer was credited with helping Warner Bros. dramatically increase its number of overseas animation studios during his tenure there.

Throwback was founded two years ago and quickly snapped up the assets of bankrupt game publisher Acclaim Entertainment, including such still-viable franchises as "Vexx" and "Aggressive Inline Skating," which will enable it to quickly bring games to market.

But Throwback CEO Thomas Maduri suggested that the company's primary goal will be to create original content aimed at a young demographic that can be leveraged across multiple platforms, including games, the Web and DVD.

"Our plan is to package the Web delivery, the video games, the toy or ancillary and to come into an animated production with pilots that we can then pitch to Hollywood," he said.