THR's Summer TV Quiz!

Warm weather means a new crop of oddball reality shows hoping to be the next Survivor, American Idol or America's Got Talent, all of which premiered in summer. Four of the following are launching in the next few months; one is fake. Can you spot it? Scroll to bottom of page for the answers.

1. Dogs in the City

New York dog whisperer Justin Silver helps to solve clients' issues surrounding their canine companions.

2. Celebrity Biggest Loser

Competition hosted by Dr. Mehmet Oz in which average Americans square off against overweight stars to see who can drop the most weight in a month.

3. Hotel Hell

Gordon Ramsay travels across America attempting to fix horrid hotels, awful inns and disgusting bed-and-breakfasts.

4. Oh, Sit!

A musical chairs competition in which 20 thrill-seekers race head-to-head through obstacle course-style eliminations to claim a coveted chair.

5. Trust Us With Your Life

Celebrities (think David Hasselhoff) talk about their personal lives while improv actors re-enact their stories.














  1. REAL! (CBS, MAY 30)
  2. FAKE!
  3. REAL! (FOX, late summer)
  4. REAL! (THE CW, TBD)
  5. REAL! (ABC, JULY 10)
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