THR's Women in Entertainment Breakfast: 8 Women on the Advice They'd Give Their Younger Selves

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Meghan Trainor and Sarah Silverman

As Sarah Silverman put it, "Let your freak flag fly."

Between speakers Melinda Gates and UnReal co-creator Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, as well as Sherry Lansing Leadership Award recipient Barbara Stresiand, Wednesday morning’s THR's Women in Entertainment breakfast was filled with inspiring words and anecdotes.

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But in a room brimming with thriving industry women including Lena Dunham, Kathy Griffin, Sarah Silverman and Grammy-nominated songstress Meghan Trainor, Pret-a-Reporter jumped at the opportunity to poll the successful ladies on the advice they would give to their younger selves as well as their go-to power outfit — because let’s be honest, everyone has that one especially badass ensemble. 

On advice to their younger selves: 

"Be patient, and all your dreams will come true."  — Meghan Trainor

"Enjoy it — enjoy your youth and being a child. Don’t try and grow up." — Camilla Belle

"I would tell my younger self three things: Trust your gift because it will never fail you. Two, always walk in the truth. It's easier to do that then it is to live in a lie. And three, there's never been a storm that didn't end, so that when I have hard days, I'll know it's not going to last." — Niecy Nash

"I would say focus on purpose, focus on what's most important, which is what you're giving back by being able to do what you do for a living, and don't take it that seriously in terms of stress or anxiety." — Meagan Good

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"Best advice? To say 'no' more." — Lena Dunham

"Don't hold back — things are going to change and evolve very slowly but they will. As a female stand-up comic who's 55 years old, I played Carnegie Hall three weeks ago. I'm still in the game. Sometimes it's OK to be a club of one. I don't know who else is out there doing what I'm doing, but I love doing it so if you love it, do it. Regardless of your gender." – Kathy Griffin

"Let your freak flag fly." – Sarah Silverman

"I would tell my younger self to be less hard on myself and just accept that a career takes time to nurture and stay in the moment. I find so many women are always looking to the next level, but stay in the moment and enjoy your career and focus on what's going on in your day." — Fox TV Group Chairman and CEO Dana Walden

On their go-to power outfit: 

"Pencil skirts! This is just [points to her fitted Sandro number] — oooh, it makes me feel like a business woman." — Meghan Trainor

"Black pants, black pointy high heels, and some sort of blouse. That’s a good power woman outfit. All black everything, sometimes we like to pretend we’re in New York even though we’re not." — Camilla Belle

"My go-to power outfit is usually a dress in a very bold color because it's a whole outfit and I don't have to guess whether or not I went wrong. Like, 'Does this shirt go with these pants?' I don't have to ask myself that question so I'll do a dress more than likely in a strong red or blue, something that makes me feel good. That way I can seal the deal." — Niecy Nash

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"Oh man, I'm simple. I like a really good boot. That's one thing I will spend money on – an ankle boot or a good thigh-high. A good stretch pant, rocker tee and a leather jacket, and maybe a beanie and red lip." — Meagan Good

"Well I'm wearing Alice & Olivia today because I like to dress for the occasion and when I heard Streisand was going to be here, I said 'I'm going to wear a dress so fancy I could present at the Oscars,' just so maybe she notices my beading like a shiny object that you dangle in front of Barbra Streisand. I am that shiny object." — Kathy Griffin

"It would definitely be a black skirt, kind of flowery blouse and leather jacket." — Fox TV Group Chairman and CEO Dana Walden