TI activates low-cost DLP chip


LAS VEGAS -- Texas Instruments DLP Cinema at ShoWest unveiled its new .98 DLP Cinema chip, designed for screen sizes up to 40 feet.

"It will enable a lower-cost platform for smaller screens," said Doug Darrow, TI's DLP brand and marketing manager. "A smaller platform will essentially make the (digital-cinema) rollout go faster because the costs will come down.

"There are a lot more (smaller screens) in the global market than there are the bigger screens," he added.

The new DLP chip already has been adopted by digital-cinema projector manufacturer Barco, which recently said it is building its new DP-1500 and DP-2000 model projectors around the .98 chip technology. It has been contracted by GDC Technology to supply 700 digital-cinema projectors in China.

TI said that there are 3,334 screens in commercial theaters worldwide that are equipped with DLP Cinema technology.

Referring to comments made during ShoWest that increasing manufacturer competition might drive down costs, Darrow said: "Adding more manufacturers that split up an already small market will do nothing but add costs and make it more inefficient.

"We want to drive costs out of the equation ... not worry about things like higher resolution or things that would make it more costly," he said.