T.I. to Begin Prison Stint by Nov. 1

Rapper gets 11-month sentence for breaking probation last month.

Grammy winner T.I. was ordered on Friday to return to prison to begin serving an 11-month prison sentence for breaking his probation last month, when he was pulled over in L.A. and arrested for suspicion of drug possession. The incident comes just months after T.I. completed a 10-month sentence for federal weapons charges.

The singer-actor who appeared in the 2007 crime drama “American Gangster” and this year’s bank heist drama “Takers” is reportedly planning to surrender to authorities on Nov. 1, according to the Associated Press, after admitting to the judge that he “screwed up big time, and I'm sorry.”

T.I., an Atlanta native whose birth name is Clifford Harris Jr., met with U.S. District Court Judge Charles Pannell Jr. in Atlanta on Friday to plead his case. But his confession that he hopes to get help for his drug addiction did little to help his case after the judge reminded the hit-making MC that he already “had about the limit of second chances” after making a mockery of his initial community service work that included talking to young kids about the dangers of illegal drugs. 

The sentencing comes just days after T.I. reportedly talked a suicidal man from jumping to his death from an Atlanta skyscraper. The rapper denied the rescue was a publicity stunt to gain public favor. Later, at Friday’s testimony, an Atlanta policeman praised the rapper for his assistance during the suicide attempt.