T.I. Debuts First Track Since Prison Release (Audio)

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The Grammy winner released "I’m Flexin" just one day after finishing an 11-month probation violation sentence.

Rapper T.I. has been busy since his release from prison. First he was released after serving 11 months for a probation violation stemming from a gun possession charge, then he went back to prison, then he was released again to a halfway house to finish out his sentence.

On top of that, it was announced that the Grammy-winning rapper would be starring in a reality TV show on VH1 and plans on releasing a novel in October.

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Now, he’s released his first track since he got out of prison. The song, “I’m Flexin’” was originally due out Monday, but came out on Friday instead.

The song features Big K.R.I.T., who sings the chorus. K.R.I.T.’s debut album release has been pushed back to next year.

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T.I. was originally released from an Atlanta prison in late August, and was to serve the final month of his sentence out in a halfway house. However, he was brought back to prison after authorities discovered that the rapper was transported to the halfway house in a bus with his manager and a television producer. Corrections authorities accused T.I. of violating rules by discussing business deals during the journey and he was forced to serve two more weeks in prison.

STORY: T.I. Released From Prison Again

On September 15, T.I., whose real name is Clifford J. Harris Jr., was released from prison for the second time and then spent two weeks in a halfway house before he was officially out on September 29.

The rapper was arrested last year in Los Angeles on drug charges, and a judge ordered him to serve 11 months in prison for a probation violation after he was convicted of federal firearms charges.

Listen to "I'm Flexin'":

T.I. ft. Big K.R.I.T. - "I'm Flexin" by thesmokersclub

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