Ticketmaster E-Mailing Customers About Credits They'll Receive as Part of Class-Action Settlement

Ticketmaster - Screengrab - H 2011

The company is giving a $1.50 credit on up to 17 tickets people bought in the past 12 years that can be used on future purchases.

Ticketmaster is in the process of sending e-mails to customers about the credits they will be receiving as part of a proposed class action settlement.

Customers who bought tickets through Ticketmaster between Oct. 21, 1999, and Oct. 19, 2011, are entitled to the credits as part of a lawsuit filed in 2003 that alleged the company overcharged them.

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Two men had sued in Los Angeles over fees they were charged for purchasing tickets to Wilco and Bruce Springsteen concerts, alleging the company profited off dubious "processing fees" and that UPS' price for expedited delivery of tickets is not truthful.

The settlement, which received preliminary approval from a judge in October, will give customers a $1.50 credit on up to 17 tickets they purchased that they can use on future purchases. It will also credit purchasers who received tickets via UPS up $5 for up to 17 transactions. The settlement is scheduled to be finalized in May.

The credits come with several restrictions: Customers can only use two credits at a time and cannot use them for events scheduled at venues owned by concert giant AEG Live.

Customers who were charged the fees also will receive messages after the settlement is finalized with details on how to redeem the credits.