Ties That Bind to Be Held at Udine, Busan

The producers' workshop will bring together five European projects and five from Asia.

SEOUL – The Ties that Bind - Asia-Europe Producers Workshop will take place in Udine (Italy) during the Far East Film Festival from May 3-7 and Busan (South Korea) during the Busan International Film Festival from October 10-13.

Ties that Bind is organized by Friuli Venezia Giulia Audiovisual Fund in partnership with EAVE, Udine Far East Film Festival and Busan International Film Festival, and supported by MEDIA Mundus.

The program brings together five producers with feature projects from Asia and five from Europe.

During the two workshops they will work together with top level experts from both continents on script development, co-production between Asia and Europe, financing in the two regions, legal aspects of co-production, marketing, pitching and promotion, and meet with decision makers during both sessions.  

The following producers were selected for Ties that Bind 2011:

- Flavia Daina Oertwig, Intrigo Internazionale / ITALY, project: 8 Pairs

- Rina Harahap, Rasy Production / INDONESIA - project: The Winner

- Nguyen Hoang Diep, VBlock Media / VIETNAM – project: Big Father, Small Father and Other Stories

- David Lindner, Filmallee / GERMANY – project: At Close Range

- Jing Liu, East Light Film / CHINA – project: Repeat After Me

- Michael Pritchett, De Warenne Pictures / UK – project: Killer Karma

- Hyunwoo Shim, Generation Blue Films / SOUTH KOREA – project: The Shadow

- Pran Tadaveerawat, Trois Film / THAILAND – project: Suriya

- Arry Voorsmit, Riba Film International / NETHERLANDS – project: Small Birds

- Flaminio Zadra, Dorje Film / ITALY – project: SunnyBoy