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TIFF Day 1 Daily P 2015

TIFF Day 1 Daily P 2015

Jean-Marc Vallee breaks down 'Demolition', while THR examines the fest's controversial lineup and quiet market.

The Hollywood Reporter released its first Toronto Film Festival daily issue as the festival kicked off on Sept. 11. The issue features an analysis of this year's market, a primer on the particularly controversial lineup, an interview with Demolition helmer Jean-Marc Vallee, and a chat with David Glasser on The Weinstein Co.’s buying plans.

"There’s Not Much Out There"
After what many say was an overheated and overhyped TIFF in 2014, Toronto this year looks to be a significantly more sober affair. With few major unsold titles available and a paucity of big presale packages in the offing, most buyers expect a quiet market. While deals will be done throughout the fest, THR examines why we shouldn’t expect a repeat of last year’s feeding frenzy.

Most Scandalous Slate to Date
Michael Moore’s
Where to Invade Next joins a cluster of hot-button films, including the priest sex abuse scandal drama Spotlight, the Dan Rather downfall pic Truth, the cautionary tale about drone warfare Eye in the Sky, the admonitory climate change documentary This Changes Everything, and the thinly veiled satire about political strategists Our Brand Is Crisis. This year’s festival promises 10 days of heated debate.

Breaking Down 'Demolition' With Vallee
has become one of TIFF's most reliable regulars, where his Dallas Buyers Club premiered in 2013, Wild played in 2014 and now,Demolition was unveiled on opening night. "It looks like it’s a meditation, a reflection on grief, but the film celebrates life, love," he said in his interview with THR. The helmer talks to THR about casting Jake Gyllenhaal and Naomi Watts, cutting costs to afford shooting in continuity and securing a potential Janis Joplin film with Amy Adams.

TWC’s Glasser: “We’re Ready to Buy”
Now that the COO has reversed his decision to resign and will remain in the Weinstein fold through 2018, a new question has emerged: Can the studio quickly regain its position as the tone-setter it has been in years past? “When [Harvey and Bob Weinstein] came calling this weekend again, we said, ‘OK, what would we do going forward? What’s the big picture plan? [We want to] build TV and have a very focused vision on the kind of movies we want to release,’” he told THR.


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