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'Where to Invade Next' helmer Michael Moore assesses the current political field from Bernie Sanders to Clinton, and David Gordon Green explains his 'Our Brand Is Crisis' motivations.

The Hollywood Reporter's second Toronto Film Festival daily issue features a chat with Where to Invade Next helmer Michael Moore on the current political field, an interview with David Gordon Green as he explains his Our Brand Is Crisis motivations, and reviews of The Martian and Demolition.

Who Is President Next
Moore's new documentary, which sees how other countries are besting American when dealing with social issues, elicited lots of laughter and spontaneous applause at its Thursday premiere. He spoke with THR about what he hopes to accomplish with Where to Invade Next, in which he shows a kinder, gentler side of himself, and also assessed the current political field from Donald Trump to Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton, who, he predicts, if elected, could pull "a Pope Francis moment."

Will High Holy Days Stall Deals?

At sundown Sept. 13, Rosh Hashana begins, and some industry players plan to put their dealmaking on hold — or at least refrain from announcing splashy sales. Marking the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana ushers in the holiest period for the religion and lasts 48 hours. But given the pace of the 10-day festival, some say that they can’t afford to miss a beat.

Our Brand Is Not Controversy
David Gordon Green
explained the mindset behind tackling Our Brand Is Crisis — the thinly-veiled satire about political strategists — for producers George Clooney and Grant Heslov, the lessons learned from watching Sandra Bullock "working her ass off" and the pressure of directing a fact-based film. And when asked if the film will spark controversy, he told THR, "It’s not my hope. My hope is it starts a conversation and debate. We certainly didn’t approach it with any sort of political agenda."

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